Lashmi offers lash specialist training courses and kits to get you started!


The Artistry Course is made for and customized to all levels of lashing. This course will cover one fool proof + reliable fanning/ pickup technique, designing with intention, understanding facial/brow/eye shapes, photography + the basics of editing, creating an aesthetic on social media, business 101, gaining/retaining a clientele, creating a brand and much more.

Group Trainings

A group training ($1,200) is unique compared to any other group training in the industry. Here is why: Group trainings max at 5 students to ensure that students receive the absolute most out of their training (including more 1:1 time compared to other larger group training courses).

Private Trainings

A 2-day Private training is $1,750 (various payment plans are available). Private trainings are my personal favorite and are highly recommended to those who don’t have much experience with classic and or volume, and or are simply wanting/needing more 1:1 time.


Your kit will be full of must have products that will allow you to lash 50+ clients. The provided kit + customized to portray exactly what we all are offering our industry and clients- nothing but customized, handcrafted, luxurious beauty. I can assure you that your kit alone is something that no other company or training offers.